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We're bringing pizzas down the hill to
Grand Junction!
Every Wednesday at 6pm!

We're keeping it simple so here's the "how-to" of it...

**Call us at 970-775-9059 to place your order. We'll be accepting orders through Tuesday at 9pm. **

**We're working on integrating an online ordering option for the Hotshot Deliveries. It's harder than it sounds but we're more stubborn than we look. Bear with us on this one. :)**

**We're sticking to pizzas only for now. We'll try adding sandwiches & apps soon!**

**Hot Shot Delivery pricing is an additional $5/pie. No additional delivery fee and no tips expected.**


**Please make payment when placing your order. We won't be able     to accept any payments at pickup.**


**The meetup location is currently the City Market parking lot in Clifton at 6pm. We'll keep adjusting this as we learn more what works! **

**You can check out the menu here. When you're doing your ciphering, don't forget to add $5 to each pie for the Hotshot Deliveries.**

**As with most of our crazy ideas, we're counting on you to help us get this just right! Please let us know your ideas, thoughts & definitely your criticisms. It's only right once it's right for all of us. :)**

**Other questions? Give us a call! 970-775-9059**


1006 High Street

Collbran, Colorado 81624


Thursday - Sunday 11a-8p


Tel: 970-775-9059


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