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the scoop . . .

when is the new pricing effective?

new menu pricing is effective right away. we're keeping a close eye on availability, pricing and backup options for all of our menu and packaging items. trust us that we will adjust prices right back DOWN the moment its possible. 

defensive moves

we are currently hard at work creating a loyalty program of sorts. the program is designed specifically to maintain lower pricing for MHP's weekly & monthly guests. It launches

May 1st and is of course free to join. More information will be available in the coming week so check back soon!

what we've done together

it’s hard to believe Mountain High Pie has already been open for more than a year! it’s been amazing & that’s

FULLY because of how all of you have embraced, supported and encouraged us! this new phase we find ourselves in is hard and scary. but don't think for a minute that we're

discouraged. if anything, our focus on what matters to us has never been more laser focused.


we will continue making the best pizza we can send out of here. we will continue finding new ways to serve our guests and this community. and we will continue opening these doors every day knowing it is exactly what we're meant to do.


Please reach out if you have any questions or comments. We’re always available to share anything we know.  

Thank you. So much.  

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