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we've found a home!

Mountain High Pie is moving to 201 Main Street in beautiful

downtown Collbran!

The timeline isn't solid but our target date for reopening is

Memorial Day and we could not be more excited to tackle

this exciting new chapter for all of us!

There's lots to do and we need lots of helping hands so 

please check back here for dates when we'll need a few volunteers. There are also some materials and equipment on our ever lengthening list of "what's next." We'll likely be asking for help finding some of those things too if we hit walls. 

Basically, it's hard to know what all is coming but you'll know the minute after we do whenever there's an update or when we just need a little backup. It's how we've done it for more than two years and it'll be enough now too.

   Stay tuned! The fun is about to begin! :)

   And follow us on Facebook for daily updates on our 


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