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while we're closed...

how do I place an order for delivery or pickup?

you can still place you order online! just select "SCHEDULE FOR LATER" and select the day & time that corresponds with when and where you'll be picking up your pies. next, add the pizzas you want to your order, complete the checkout process and you're done!

then what?

once we receive your order, you'll get a confirmation call

from us. that's when we'll double check your order, answer

any questions you have and confirm the location and time we'll be meeting for pickup.

how does pickup work?

on the day of pickup, you'll meet us at the designated

spot, grab your pies and be on your way! we keep them

nice & warm for you in insulated bags during our trip

down the hill. we've gotten great feedback on the quality

of the pies in spite of their little journey.


is there a delivery fee?

typically, yes. there's been a $5/pie fee in the past. during

our closure though, we'll be waiving that fee. as most of you know, the restaurant is up against some decent sized obstacles right now. so we're doing the only thing we know to do. move pies and lots of them in the next few weeks. 

we're hoping waiving the delivery fee helps us do that! :)

is there a cutoff time for ordering?

there is. but it's pretty lax. just place your order at least 24 

hours before you'll be picking it up. we'll only be cooking 

what's ordered until we open again and we need about

a day to get the dough ready. other than that, it's all


Other questions?

give us a ring at 970-775-9059. :)

**Pre-Order Now**

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