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Welcome to MHP's Piece of the Pie Club! 

Like most things around here, we've kept our new Loyalty Program simple and focused on the basics. There are no points to earn and no card to keep. It's based on how often you come in and grab a pie. Simple, yes? It goes something like this...

Current menu pricing applies to every order as usual unless both of the following is true:

  1. You're a member of MHP's Piece of the Pie Club.

  2. It's been less than 30 days since your most recent pizza or sandwich order.

If both statements are true, a full 12% discount will be applied to every pizza & sandwich on your order. For instance, the Rancher's Pie was priced at $22 before the increase. The new price is $25, but for a member of the Piece of the Pie Club who ordered within the last 30 days, the 12% discount applies & brings the price right back to $22.

Sign up is simple & free, of course. Just enter your name, phone number & birthday below (there's free stuff for birthdays!). Then each time you order, use the same phone number used to register and your pricing will be automatically adjusted. That's it! 

More questions? Check out our FAQ's.

Grab a Piece of the Pie today! Joining is simple!

Thank you!!

Piece of the Pie FAQ's 

What are the benefits of joining MHP's Piece of the Pie Club?

  • Members receive a 12% discount on all pizzas & sandwiches ordered within 30 days of their last order. Miss the 30 day window? No problem. Pay regular menu pricing this order and you're right back on the discount track next time 'round. 

  • Members receive a free slice of celebration cheesecake every year during their birthday month. Choose between plain, salted caramel, blueberry, cherry or turtle and enjoy every bite...our treat!

  • Join us for after hours menu tastings, special events & limited time promotions.

How do I join?

Just complete the short registration form here. Then give us the same phone number you use to register each time you place an order. Your pricing will be adjusted automatically. Ordering online? We'll adjust your pricing when we receive your order & provide you an updated receipt at pickup.

Can I earn more perks by ordering online or scheduling ahead of time?

Funny you should ask! This is definitely in the works as we continue looking for ways to streamline all the happenings that happen here. Every little thing matters right now and planning ahead is HUGE for us. So yes...we are working on a slick way to say thanks for those orders that come in through the online app and for those scheduled at least a day ahead of time.

Why this type of Loyalty Program?

We knew when we raised our menu pricing that we wanted to find SOME way to offer SOME relief to our friends & neighbors. We see some of you every week and even more of you every two or three.  You're the ones who keep the doors open and the mozz melting and we know that every time you order a pie, you're choosing that pie over another way to spend those same dollars. That means something. And right now, this seems the way to say thanks for that. Do we know it's right? Nope. But if it's not, we'll try again.

Are you going to annoy me by calling or texting the phone number I use to join?

We may call if we have questions about your order and we typically text to let you know when your order is ready. That's it! You will NOT receive any marketing phone calls or texts and your information will NEVER be sold or passed to any third party.

I have a question that isn't answered here. How can I contact you?

Please feel free to call us at 970-775-9059 during business hours (Thursday through Sunday 11am - 8pm). You can also just email Monica. She knows all the things. :)